Every website is a unique storefront in the global online mall. It should clearly reflect your goals and purpose, with each page connecting to those objectives.


We’ll help you carve out your one-of-a-kind footprint to kick your message out to the masses.

National Graphics and Catharine are professional, creative, reliable."

I personally have relied on her on many creative projects - ranging from 4-colour 150 page technical catalogues, vehicle wraps, brochures, line cards, logo creation, web design, trade show art, creative wall design etc. Catharine's even designed our labels for the Impact Christmas Gift - sweet Canadian maple syrup.


Registration or member login is a particular need for some purposes. For direction to a specific audience or sharing of pages to certain people, the management is not a problem.


Contests or specific campaigns have a special spot in the web universe. Projects for targeted purpose are designed with consideration to the overall brand and a quality delivery.


We can handle multiple projects to put your best foot forward. Across media or language, it will
all come together to strengthen your brand.



We have a passion for working with local businesses and charities on projects of any size.

Catharine’s warm, friendly yet expert professionalism gave us great confidence in working with her. She kept us on track and went above and beyond the call of duty in supporting us, start to finish. Her outstanding creative ability and practical traffic-building advice mean that we are all happy with a great website now that is bringing us good results. Thank you Catharine!

"I find Catharine to be approachable, responsive and very professional in her efforts."

It is clear in her world the "customer comes first". I would highly recommend National Graphics!
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